Oil Based Metalworking Fluids for Difficult Machining Operations

Posted by Mary Kimbro on Jul 23, 2020 12:03:34 PM

Oil based metalworking fluids are used in tough operations where lubrication and extreme pressure properties are required.  With the correct formulations of additives cutting oils provide significant improvements in cutting and grinding operations by reducing friction which results in better surface finishes and longer machine tool life.  They are particularly ideal for use with grinding wheels and other abrasive tools.  Though oil based cutting fluids do not replace water based fluids, where cooling properties are most important, they are instead used in applications where lubrication is more important than cooling.

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Cutting Oils That Provide Better Surface Finish & Increase Tool Life

Posted by Mary Kimbro on Jul 14, 2020 11:40:46 AM

Enhanced Cutting Fluid Formulations with Specialty Additives

Historically, conventional straight oils consisted of only oil or a mixture of oil and lard that didn’t last very long when used for machining metal. However, with current technology there is a wide selection of high performance oil soluble additives that help improve performance and prolong the life of these oil based cutting fluids. These enhanced cutting oils provide significantly better surface finish and increased life of the machine tool. This reduces scrap and the overall tool demand: increasing the return on investment of the machining process.

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KOOLRite Products:

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  • Optimum balance between stick and slip, the smoothest & most accurate operation for machine tools
  • Specialty fluids and lubricants for tapping, sawing and grinding metals

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