New Industrial Strength “Bolt-Busting” Triple Action Lubricants

Posted by Mary Kimbro on Feb 12, 2020 4:28:18 PM

There are many rust preventives, penetrating oils, and lubricants on the market today. As their names suggest, they are used to loosen bolts and other rusted metal parts while also providing rust protection to help prevent parts from future seizing. A lot of these formulations are built from the same basic chemicals and have been used for many years in auto shops, machine shops, and in any home garage with very little change in the product make-up. However, the demands on these fluids in more industrial settings require increased performance and some companies have introduced newer formulations to the market specifically made for machine shop and factory applications by providing a superior combination of:

  • Penetrating performance on seized fasteners and metal partsCorrosion Inhibitor to Protect Metal
  • Excellent cleaning properties without the over-powering odor of standard products
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors with special water displacement properties that wick away moisture from the metal surface while leaving a thin undetectable protective coating that is not sticky
  • Addition of non-staining chemicals for use on multiple metal types

The major improvements in newer industrial centered lubricating and penetrating oils versus common “off-the-shelf” products lies in the unique combination of additives used. The proprietary chemistry of these industrial strength products works quickly because of its high attraction to the metal surface, allowing it to break loose even the most corroded parts. This means jobs are performed in less time, saving money on maintenance and helping to avoid unnecessary shut down of equipment keeping the operation running smoothly. Though developed for the most difficult industrial applications, these new penetrating lubricants are also ideal for auto mechanics and general machine shops because they no longer contain harsh, odorous chemicals. With their  superior proprietary ingredients, these new multi-use products are the perfect solution for today’s demanding applications.  They perform well beyond the capabilities of traditional formulations in applications such as:

  • Loosening Rusted Parts
    • Superior “Bolt Busting” capabilities, quickly penetrating the seized parts for fast and easy disassembly of pipeBarracuda Triple Action Lubricant joints, nuts, bolts, screws, clamps, and other metal parts that are frozen due to excessive rust.
  • Lubricating
    • Lubricates parts while in operation or stationery, such as: hinges, slide mechanisms, bearings, gauges and construction equipment components.
  • Cleaning and Protecting
    • The perfect solution for cleaning and protecting various metals such as stamps and blanks, light to medium gauge aluminum or steel coil/sheetstock.
  • Rust-Proofing and Corrosion Protection
    • Ideal for protecting machine tables, bushings, machine and hand tools, gun barrels, farm implements, and any metal area exposed to high humidity and therefore susceptible to corrosion. These industrial products contain rust inhibitors to protect the parts from further rusting. The proprietary formulation of oils and additives provide extraordinary rust-proofing and corrosion protection.
  • Displacing Moisture
    • Deep penetration into working mechanisms displaces moisture in motors, pumps, wires, and switches. The penetrating performance of industrial triple purpose lubricants allows the product to creep into constricted spaces which provides a protective film. This protective film serves as a corrosion and rust preventive that is far more effective than the standard penetrating lubricants offered in the market.
  • Cleaning Rust and Light Oils
    • Exceptional performance when cleaning rust and oils from machine beds, chucks, ways, gears, threadedBarracuda Triple Action Lubricant holes, and internal machine parts.
  • Penetrates Rust and Lubricates Parts
    • Used in highly corrosive oil and gas as well as industrial applications, these industrial strength, triple acting lubricants provide extreme pressure protection where metal to metal contact is a given, such as with nuts/bolts, fittings/threaded parts are assembled and disassembled.

Another important role of  role of the proprietary corrosion inhibitor included in these special formulations is to stop pitting and crevice corrosion in a variety of different parts including: carbon steel, aluminum, zinc, copper and iron. All of these metals can form oxides deep into crevices, cracks, and threads which can be detrimental to both machine parts or a finished machined product. In combination with the corrosion inhibitor these  penetrating lubricant sprays or liquid solutions will provide superior performance cleaning and removing grease and grime with the unique combination of oils and solvents. They protect metal surfaces exposed to highly corrosive environments without traditional harsh solvents that have an over-powering odor and are commonly found in other standard products.


Most standard penetrating lubricant products on the market today have limited capabilities across multiple applications. They may be good in penetrating rust, but do not provide good lubrication. Or they lubricate, but do not give lasting rust protection against further corrosion. The best rust preventing penetrating lubricants will provide all of the exceptional performance properties in all of these areas without compromising on any: excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, and cracking that are common in harsh industrial applications, machine shops, or outdoor environments. Regardless of application, the most effective formulations are triple acting, providing a wide variety of solutions all in one product.

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