Advantages of Long Life Semi-Synthetic Coolants for Heavy to Moderate Machining

Posted by Mary Kimbro on Jun 1, 2020 4:13:07 PM

There is a new generation of oil-based cutting fluids which give improved sump life two to eight times longer than standard fluids.  They are excellent mutli-metal coolants and are ideal for heavy to moderate machining in markets suchCoolants for heavy to moderate machining as aerospace and oil & gas. These new formulations do not create offensive odors and do not contain troublesome bactericides or mid- to long-chain chlorinated paraffins or sulfur. They eliminate sump odors, provide exceptionally long sump life and a clean, comfortable and safe work environment for machine operators.

These microemulsion coolants have proven to be highly effective on all metals and operations including heavy duty processes on tough alloys where extreme pressure is required.  And unlike most oil-based coolants these products will reject tramp oils, allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip/tool interface keeping machine tools clean with a minimum of residual film, while providing excellent corrosion control.

Superior Performance Microemulsion Coolants Provide:

  • No sump stench and no Monday morning odor
  • Lowest possible coolant consumption
  • Extremely long sump life
  • Chlorine-free & bactericide-free
  • Low foam and multi-metal capability that simplifies coolant inventory
  • Minimal machine maintenance and downtime
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Non-staining formula that is ideal for all aluminum alloys

Choose Coolants for Heavy to Moderate Machining that:

  • Are biocide-free: no additions of bactericides to the sump
  • Are non-hazardous formula
  • Do not contain phenols, nitrites, chlorine, or DCHA
  • Are proven to be gentle on hands
  • Fully-compliant with expected EPA regulations
  • Have no mid- or long-chain chlorinated paraffins
  • Are free of DCHA
  • Meet formaldehyde standards


Long life semi-synthetic coolants for heavy to moderate machining are ideal for use with a variety of metals, including:

Aluminum Alloys

Cast Iron

Nodular Iron

Carbon Steel

Tool Steel

High Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel


High Ni Steel

Copper Alloys

They are the perfect coolants for central systems and will eliminate odors and the need for additives, lowering coolant consumption by 15% to 25%.

Download the paper below to learn about how today’s metalworking fluids can do a better job of maintaining the efficiency of the machining process.

Today's Metalworking Fluids

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